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About Adult Roller Hockey in Austin

Adult roller hockey (inline hockey) has been around the Austin metro area for decades. The ATXRH Club aims to create a vibrant roller hockey community in Austin, TX once again.

A small group of committed players came together at the end of 2020 to restart the league and put adult roller hockey back in action. The league plays on Tuesdays from 6:00-10:00p at the Rock Sports Arena in Round Rock and is open to players of all skill levels who are 16+. There are two divisions, Gold and Silver, with 4 teams in each division. The Gold division is for highly competitive players and the Silver division is a mixed league with experienced players and new players alike.

Spring 2021 ATXRH Champs

Summer 2021 Season

The Summer Season runs from July to October for a total of 14 games. We are no longer accepting players, but feel free to stop by to watch a game and meet the players.

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About the League

Who can play?
The league is current mixed in skill-level, age, and gender. Men and women, new players and competitive players, and anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to register to play. We plan to expand the league in the coming seasons into skill-level based divisions.

What night are the games?
We play on Tuesdays from 6:00-10:00p. Stop by and say hello.

What is the skill level like?
We have two divisions, Gold and Silver. The Gold level has players that play nationally across the country and several local players of high skill levels. The Silver division is a mixed skill level league. Each team has an equal distribution of skilled players to ensure every night is competitive.

I just started playing or want to start playing, can I join?
Yes! Please fill out the registration form with your information and we'll be in touch. If you're brand new to hockey, fill out the contact form on the site and we'll help you out.

What is equipment is required?
Full equipment is required. All players need their own skates, stick, gloves, shinguards, jersey, and helmet. Elbow pads, face shields, girdle, and cup are highly recommended.

What is the rink like?
The rink is sport court tiles and is used by the gym for volleyball, roller derby, basketball, and other mixed uses.

What is the format of the teams and games?
Each team has 4 players and a goalie on the rink at all times. Most teams have 7-8 players. The games are played via three periods and a warm up. Each period is 14 minutes with the clock running. We use traditional roller hockey rules, there is no offsides or icing.

Do you offer pick-ups and drop-ins?
We do. Join the WhatsApp group to find out about upcoming sessions (see the link above). If you're interested in skating more regularly or on your own, we highly recommend signing up for the Garage Rock Gym Membership at Rock Sports Arena.

How does the gym membership work?
The membership starts at $20/mo and includes access to the full gym and the rink. Both are open 24/7 and all you have to do is reserve a time on the website and show up. If you love to skate and want to improve your skills, it's a great deal. Sign up here.

How much does the league cost?
The cost of the league varies by the number of players and games. Our current season was about $15/game.

Do you need goalies?
Yes! If you're a goalie, please fill out the Contact Form with your information and we'll be in touch. We do not have goalie gear for rent, however there is some extra equipment at the rink if you want to take a look.

Do you need referees?
Yes! Please fill out the Contact Form with your information and we'll be in touch. We pay well and take care of our referees.



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